Sunday, September 6, 2015

ME TIME - Get out of stress

In routine day, especially if you are a full time worker or you spend almost your time with others, you will empty and no time for your self. We need time to get off from our routine called “ME TIME”.  We can spend our weekend for Me Time to do our hobbies, relax, refresh, and rest. It is only about you. Just do everything good that make you feel calm, relax, and happy. I spend Me Time by organizing my stuff, cleaning my bedroom, nailing my nail, taking care my self, reading while drinking a cup of hot greentea latte or hot chocolate. No rush to do them. After doing all of my self tasks, I take a rest and think what I truly want.

"ME TIME" with favorite matcha latte from Allure @esprecielo. Japanese greentea with milk taste fresh, yummy, and relaxing. I prefer hot cup one.

ALLURE Matcha Green Tea Esprecielo

Maybe you like to do:
·         Home Remedies
·         DIY
·         Mix and match
·         Writing
·         Watching movie
·         Doing yoga
·         Exercise
·         Playing with pet
·         Reading
·         Cooking
·         Make your favourite meal and drink
·         Look old photos and videos
·         Planting
·         Cleaning your bedroom
·         Organizing stuff
·         Enjoy the nature
·         Browsing on the internet
·         Dancing
·         Listening to music
·         Listening radio
·         Singing or karaoke
·         Shopping
·         Just a lazy day

Doing Me Time will make us more energic, calm, refresh mind, happy. Come on! Spare your time for Me Time :D

Best Wishes,


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